tow knee chavez

yfb/hitmaker algorithm ep
October 31st, 2009


october, 2009

for halloween, tow knee chavez dressed up as yfb and hitmaker algorithm. our newest ep is available now!

you can read all about yfb in our three part comic the ballad of yfb.  there are over 100 pages in the full story, plus you can get some hitmaker algorithm back story in the supplemental comic obsolescence.

all this art is in preparation for our new album, which will (hopefully) be out sometime in 2010. you can see some making of the new album clips in the video section of our site.

yfb's ticking time bomb
August 31st, 2009

yfb are on a roll! their third single is so amazing, we don’t know why it wasn’t their first. simply incredible.

yfb's your generation
July 31st, 2009

tkc friends yfb just put out their second single in as many months! this song rocks so hard my face hurts, plus you get to hear their lead guitarist, riff, sing just a bit. she’s not the only standout though, the whole band is in top form on this one.

yfb's cut off
June 30th, 2009

our friends yfb finally got their first single released today (by our old label, hear records). it’s called cut off and is a little different than we expected them to sound, but still cool. they’re a good bunch of guys (and gal), so you should support them.

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