tow knee chavez

great news!

tow knee chavez has been chosen to portray the ramones in the upcoming ramones biopic! through the magic of computer technology, we’ll each be playing multiple ramones in order to tell the complete story. the nemesis has been cast in the role of joey and original drummer/longtime producer tommy. similarly, dr. stryker will be playing johnny, dee dee, longtime drummer marky, and fanboy turned dee dee replacement c jay.

supporting roles include samuel l. jackson as label owner seymore stein, christopher walken as danny fields, cbgb’s own hilly kristal as himself, steve buscemi as the band’s artistic director arturo vega, joan jett as dee dee wife barbara, lindsey lohan as joey temptress/johnny wife young linda and introducing barbara bush as old linda. a director has yet to accept the project, however filming is scheduled to take place this summer with an anticipated release of early april, 2010.

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